Laboquick fecal occult blood test is used as a diagnostic tool to determine the fecal occult blood in humans.  
Colorectal cancer is the third type of cancers seen widely both in men and women. In most cases more than 90%, the colorectal cancers are observed in people over 50. If it is pre-determined, it can be taken under control possibly by 90%.  
However, at early stages, the colorectal cancer does not have and indicatory symptom. The only way to be followed up in pre-determination phase is seen as to apply the scanning tests in most cases. American Association for Cancer Research suggests everyone who is above 50 to take the test. 
Fecal Occult Blood Test determines the fecal blood related to the gastrointestinal disorders. 
The rate of mortality in colorectal cancers decreases significantly due to the early action of predetermination and treatment accordingly by using the fecal occult blood test. 
Package Contents
Fecal Occult Blood Test Device, Sampling Device, Silica Gel bag as humidifier
The Laboquick Fecal Occult Blood Test cassette test can detect the  Fecal Occult Blood in the sample with the ratio of 30ng/ml

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