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The ideal Solution is Applies for 23 years in the "Male Urinary Incontinence" problem!

CE Certificated and UK Stock
 Body structure of Clampmed consists of semihard polymer of soft foam provides easiness and comfort during use. With the balanced elastic bandage spreads its radial strength to the cell wall equally and reduces the clamp pressure to minimum level.

When applied to the penis special designed cushion at the bottom part pressured to the urine system to reduce the incontinence and does not effects the blood circulation.

Practical to use
In case of need easy to open without support and fix again. Clamp is fully adjustable. Each penile clamp comes with different sized links resulting in a choice of size options from regular to large.

Healthy and Hygienic
Sterilised for use, produced from antiallergic special materials so no irritation will be caused to the skin. Can be easily hand washed with warm water and soap.
* Also antibacterial and antifungal featured no bacteria and fungus will be composed**.

Not occupy to much place unforseen easy to hide. Without thinking its presence very easy to use in daily life provides confidence to the patient.

Taking account of its using time, It is a more economical choice of product than absorbent ones.

*Antiallergic featured of Clampmed is certified by the university report which is accredited by the Notify Body.
**Antibacterial and antifungus featured of Clampmed is certified by the laboratuar report which is accredited by the Notify Body.
What is Male Urinary Incontinence (MUI) Problem
Male Urinary Incontinence is a medical condition that affects millions of men from all around the world. Some experience partial loss of bladder control, while others may have continuous bladder leakage. Men may experience Urinary Incontinence as a result of prostate problems, or could experience nerve damage that leads to Urinary Incontinence.

Causes of MUI (Male Urinary Incontinence)
Stress incontinence can occur when the prostate is removed. If there has been damage to the nerves or to the sphincter, the urethra won’t close enough to keep urine from leaking.
Urge incontinence is caused by bladder muscles that are too strong or that squeeze at the wrong time, pushing urine out past the sphincter. This often leads to a strong urge to urinate. Urge incontinence can be the result of long-standing blockage of the bladder, neurologic conditions or idiopathic (unknown) reasons.
Overflow incontinence is usually caused by blockage of the urethra, making it difficult for the bladder to empty completely. Over time, the bladder gets so full that pressure builds up and forces urine out past the sphincter. The blockage is usually the result of an enlarged prostate, but this can also happen because of weak bladder muscles.

Normal Options for Men With MUI (Male Urinary Incontinence)
A urostomy pouch (or urine bag) is worn under the clothes and acts as a type of reservoir. Pads or diapers are also worn under the clothes and absorb the liquid as it escapes.
Both of these options are less than satisfactory if you plan on leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

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