Anti– Syphilis Test 50 Tests Box For Gp/hospital Use Only

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Laboquick® anti – syphilis cassette test, is used as a diagnostic device aimed at qualitative detection of the Treponema Pallidum antibodies on the immunochromatographic basis in the human serum or plasma. 

Syphilis is a well know sexually transmitted disease ever since the early ages which caused by the bacteria named as Treponema Pallidum and it can effect many organs unless it is treated. It is known as pox among the public. The disease mainly transmitted by sexual intercourse. In the early stages of the disease the infection can be transmitted from an open wound by contacting with the genital or lip mucosa. Few and far between this disease can be transmitted from open wound of an infected person to an open wound of an health person. This shows that how contagious is the bacteria. Treponema Pallidum can also transmitted by blood transfusion. %70 percent of the pregnant women who has syphilis, transmit the bacteria to the baby and the %25 of these infected babies are born dead or die because of premature birth. Approximately after 3 weeks that the Treponema Pallidum enters the system, ulcerated lesions that called cankers occur.
The antibodies that produced by the system against the bacteria that causes syphilis can be detected after 4 – 7 day of the occurrence of the cankers and they remain detectable unless the disease treated sufficiently.
The anti - syphilis test qualitatively detects the Treponema Pallidum antibodies (IgG and IgM) by using the two pieces antigen combinations consisted of syphilis antigen coated particles and syphilis antigens that fixed on the membrane. 
Package Contents:
-Anti – Syphilis testing device,
-Disposable plastic pipette,
-Silica gel bag as humidifier.