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If a negative result is obtained and pregnancy is still suspected, the test can be repeated in 2-4 days. In normal pregnancies hCG(hormone) will reach to 20 iu/L in 4-5 days (visible as a weak positive). The aim of the test is to detect early beta hCG development that is above the declared value of the test. So repeating the test is necessary.

This is an indication that there isn’t enough hCG(hormone) in your urine for the pregnancy test to trigger a positive pregnancy result. Every pregnancy test has a rated sensitivity rating measured in mIU/L. The lower this number, the more sensitive it is.

Common mistakes during applying a pregnancy test are: *Drinking water—or any fluids—can, in fact, affect the results of this kind of at-home pregnancy test when very early in the pregnancy. *You might get a false-negative if you: Take the test TOO EARLY. *The first morning urine contains the highest level of hCG and is the best for testing. Urine collected during the day will contain lower levels of hCG and may cause false negatives and/or invalid results. *Place the test literally on a flat and clean surface. Draw 0.2ml (about 2-3 drops) sample into the pipette and dispense it into the circular sample well on the cassette. If you drop more than 2-3 drops the test may become INVALID. *For best results you should read the results at 5 minutes.

The instructions for the Strip Tests are as follows:

1) The first morning urine contains the highest level of hCG and is the best for testing.

2) Collect the urine in a clean, dry container.

3) Remove the test from the package just before starting the test.

4) Dip the strip until max line sign.

5) Double line means positive, single line means negative

We rely on our tests. They are all genuine and up to date. Our tests are awarded for NHS tenders since 2017.

hCG can be defected in human urine (and also in blood or serum) at least 5-15 days after the pregnancy has started. The hCG level in the urine/serum after the first missed period is generally around 100mlU/ml and in the first three months the hCG levels rise and reach 100,000-200,000 mlU/ml.

So it keeps rising every day, multiples the day before.

The aim of our tests to detect early beta hCG development that is above 20mlU/ml or any other value declared on the Manual of the test.

So, your hCG hormones may rise from your first NEGATIVE result till you have provided and applied the next (SECOND) test. If you suspect pregnancy, you should keep repeating your test. This is why we have many variations for you to purchase more than one test.

Three chambered bag designed to reduce the movement of urine for extra discretion. The chambers control the urine; reducing the audible noise and visual ballooning effects.

1 chamber leg bags have not that feature. This type of bags are plain bags. Only bag shapes reduce the noise.

The test's purpose is detect the occult blood(human haemoglobin of 30 nanograms/ml) in stool. Please keep in mind that the results CAN NOT be considered as a final and certain diagnosis. It should be supported with other diagnostic methods from a doctor/professional.

Most common reason for the “invalid result” problem is contaminated, insufficient or excess samples.

If your FSH(Follicle-stimulating hormone) value is 25mIU/ml or above in your urine this test can detect. None of the tests are not enough to give an exact identification. The diagnosis of perimenopause can usually be made by reviewing a woman’s medical history, her menstrual history, and her signs and symptoms as well as applying a test maybe more than once. Therefore, please repeat your test in a couple of months.

The “LOT” refers to the manufacturing date of the product.

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