Anti Hiv 1/2 Test (50 Tests Box) For Gp/hospital Use Only.

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Sensitivity: 2ncu/ml
Sample     : Serum / Plasma

Laboquick Anti – HIV 1 / 2 test can detect HIV 1 and 2 antibodies in minutes in serum or plasma. The test does not need any diluent to be dropped and it just needs 2 – 3 drops of sample to work.


Anti – HIV ½ cassette test isused as a diagnostic device aimed at qualitative detection of the HIV ½ viruses on the immunochromatographic basis in the human serum / plasma
Type 1 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) and type 2 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-2) are the etiologic agents of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). According to the obtained data, HIV virus can be contaminated by sexual intercourse, exposing to the infected blood products (including infected syringes and needles) or tothe baby from mother during pregnancy. Detecting the HIV 1 / 2 antibodies in the system means the system exposed to the HIV 1 / 2 viruses in a while. 
This test is a device that aimed at to detect the HIV 1 / 2 antibodies in human blood serum or plasma.  It is only aimed at revealing the antibodies that produced by the immune-system against the HIV 1 / 2.
 In case of getting a positive result, the result must be confirmed with other tests, such as western blot and Eliza.  This fast test device is also highly specific against to the HIV1 and HIV2 antibodies.  Since the HIV antigens are being used as gripper in the test device, it can detect any HIV antibody class. 
Package Contents:
-Anti HIV testing device,
-Disposable plastic drip,
-Silica gel bag as humidifier.