ANTI HCV TEST - HEPATITIS C TEST (50 Tests Box) for GP/Hospital User Only

Koroglu Medical Devices


Sensitivity: 1ncu/ml
Sample     :  Serum/Plasma


Laboquick® Anti-HCV cassette test, is a 4th generation test which, used as a diagnostic device aimed at qualitative detection of the hepatitis C virus on the immunochromatographic basis in the human blood serum/plasma.

Test can detect HCV antibodies at very early stages by its Envelope, NS3, NS4, NS5 antigen double sandwich immunoassay technology. This speciality gives test to detect antibodies at 1 NCU/ml level. This
very low point gives advantage to detect illness 14 to 30 day after the illness started. Also its not using any diluent to work saves from time and workforce.

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