URINE CATHETER LEG FIXER (HOLDER)- Catheter Leg Strap - Foley Catheter Holder- Catheter Anchors



Stables the urine catheter and prevents traumatic effects.

Foley Catheter Leg Fixer made entirely of stretch material, has a soft, supple backing for added skin comfort.
 The elasticity and 2" width of the leg band distribute compression evenly around the thigh to minimize circumferential pressure.
 It is a simple, cost effective way to stabilize Foley Catheters and reduce complications.
 In addition to saving valuable nursing time, Fixermed Catheter Holder stabilize the indwelling catheter, reducing the likelihood of traumatic removal, without restricting patient's movement or irritating the skin. 
• Easy to use, pratique and safe.
• Fits all urine cannula types and models.
• Machine washable at 30 °C reusable.
Safe to use
 Latex free.
• Elastic structure fits all leg size, covers the leg
safely and keep stable.
• Special texture enables the skin breathe, reduces
the sweat.
• Skin touch smooth feathery surface absorbs the
• Does not cause allergy and irritation.


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