Certain® MENOPAUSE HOME TEST Female Fertility Test

Koroglu Medical Devices


NHS Provider Manufacturer,

CE Certificated, UK Stock  
Sensitivity: 30mIU/ml
Sample     : Urine
Laboquick Menopause Rapid Test for Home Use Menopause is a period which follows the end of ovulation period. With the starting of Menopause period, radical changes occur in woman body.
At the beginning of this period right diagnosis, has a vital role for further precautions and diagnosis.
An impressive 99% reliability rate in less than 5 minutes Quick and Easy to read results home test Know for sure what changes are taking place in your body Box of 1 test CE for Home Self Testing Simple, one step easy to use system. 
 Instructions Manual designed for use by non-medical professionals with clear, straightforward instructions.
 Products packaged discreetly in plain, unmarked packaging.
 Package Contents: 
- Menopause Cassette Test 
-Disposable Plastic Pipette,
-Silica Gel Bag as humidifier.

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