E&E 2000ml URINE DRAINAGE BAG with Hanger (Sterile and Drainable) with 90cm Tube

E&E Medical



  • Your E&E 2L Urine Drainage Bag Bag is supplied sterile.
  • Connector located at the top of the drainage tube is stepped to ensure secure connection to all indwelling catheters or leg bags.
  • Special sample port for collection of urine samples by your nurse or doctor if required.
  • Non-return valve at the top of the E&E 2L Urine Drainage Bag to prevent urine returning up the tubing.
  • You can use your E&E 2L Urine Drainage Bags up to 7 days.
  • Very easy and secure to emptying with Lever Tap valve.
  • Non Latex, non-allergic material.
  • Soft and warm colour.


E&E® 2000ml Urine Drainage Bags are designed as Bedside Drainage Bag / Wheelchair Drainage Bag / Hospital Bag  with non latex, sturdy material. 

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