E&E Economic Urine Drainage Bag - 2000ml Catheter Night Bag - Urine Bag Integrated Bag Hanger - Non Sterile Drainage Bag - 10pcs. Pack

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  • ✔ LARGE CAPACITY URINE BAG: If you are restricted to wheelchair or bed and tend to be less mobile, our urine bags will best suit you. These urine catheter bags have a 2000ml capacity to avoid frequent emptying.
  • ✔ SINGLE USE DRAINAGE BAG: Our sinlgle use urine drainage bag is drainable. Thus used bags can throw the bin. 



Urine drainage bags are used to collect urine from the bladder via a sheath or catheter. These catheter night bags are required by people who are unable to urinate properly or have urinary incontinence. They have graduated markers to indicate the amount of urine collected in the urine bag. Urine bags are made up of high grade, sterile materials that are totally safe to use. They maintain hygienic conditions by preventing urine-spills.

 We're proud to offer 2000ml Economic Urine Drainage Bag 


Key Features :

  • Your E&E 2L Urine Drainage Bag is supplied non-sterile. 
  • Connector located at the top of the drainage tube is stepped to ensure a secure connection to all indwelling catheters or leg bags. 
  • Special sample port for collection of urine samples by your nurse or doctor if required. 
  • Non-return valve at the top of the E&E 2L Catheter Night Bag to prevent urine returning up the tubing. 
  • You can drain E&E  Economic 2L Drainage Bag easily with T-Tap feature. 
  • Non-Latex, non-allergic material Urine Bag. 
  • Soft and warm colour wheelchair bag / bedside bag


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