E&E Urine Leg Bag - Catheter Leg Bag Holder Straps Button Type

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  • E&E leg bag strap button type is designed to securely hold the urine leg bag in place.
  • Gentle to wear; more secure with buttons, and does not cause any skin injury.
  • Lightweight, Non-Allergic, Non-Latex, and allows for easy patient movement.
  • With buttons is durable, comfortable, washable, and reusable. The application is simple and safe with only a gentle touch.

Our urine bag leg strap is a good alternative for individuals who do not want to deal with adhesive catheter holders. This catheter bag strap with buttons is wrapped around the thigh to hold the urine bag in place while allowing the patient movement. This catheter bag strap can be removed and changed within a few minutes.

 We're proud to offer Catheter Bag Leg Straps Button Type

 Designed for Drainage Leg Bag user patients. Securely attach the leg bag to the patient's leg. Consists of two 2.5cm widths straps with silicon lined inner surface for adhesion and buttons for secure fastening to leg bags.


Key Features :

Easy to use



Washable at 30 C

Easy to adjust with fasteners

Two pieces of straps provide increased secure attachment

Silicon lines provide prevention from slipping down

Buttons provide secure fastening with a leg bag

Special material provides breathable skin

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