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Hbsag Cassette Tests - Heptatitis B Antigen Test (50 Tests Box) For Gp/hospital Use Only

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Sensitivity: 0,5ng/ml
Sample      : Serum / Plasma


Laboquick® HBsAg test can detect Hepatitis B antigens in minutes. It has a very high sensitivity of 0,5ng/mL and this is a very important level for detecting the illness at very early stages.

Laboquick® HBsAg test, is used as a diagnostic device aimed at qualitative detection of the hepatitis B antigen (HBsAg) onthe immunochromatographic basis in the human blood serum/plasma.

The HBsAg test device consists of a sample window including a sample ped that the serum/plasma is dripped on it. Sample ped is held by a permeable membrane. The membrane consists of three antibody areas.

- The first one of these areas is mobile and the others are stable.

- The mobile area includes monoclonal antibodies and color sensitive colloidal gold particles.

- The stable area that forms the test line forms the stable area on the membrane. The third area that forms the control line includes a anti-mouse immunoglobulin.

The serum/plasma sample starts to move on the membrane and If the sample includes enough HBsAg antigen in the sensitivity range of the device, anti HBsAg forms a compound with colloidal gold conjugate and moves towards to the test area that indicated by the letter "T". Then the compound enclosed in this area and thereupon a line is formed in the area “T”. Since the line in this area is related to the HBsAg presence in the sample, it is evaluated with the line in the test area and the absence or the presence of this line shows a negative or a positive test result. The colloidal gold particles those are not enclosed in the test area move towards to the control line area and successfully enclosed in the section “C” in order to form control line regardless to the presence of HBsAg.

Finally the line that formed in this area acts as a control device by showing that there is enough sample in the device and the sample followed the correct flow course.


NOTE: It is not harmful products