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EXPIRES 02/2019
CE Certificated, UK Stock and Economic
Sensitivity: 25mIU/ml
Sample     : Urine
Laboquick® Ovulation Test can detect LH hormone in urine just in minutes with a sensitivity of 25mIU/ml. This also a good indicator of fertilisation of woman.
Ovulation is a natural process that is seen in every healthy woman in a cycle until menopause period. During ovulation period, Luteinizing hormone (LH) rise occurs. This is a good indicator of ovulation. Ovulation test can detect LH in very low levels. Positive result means LH rise can be detected. It is right time for getting pregnant.
  • Quick and Easy to read results.
  • CE Certificated

  • Simple, one step easy to use system.

  • Instructions Manual designed for use by non-medical professionals with clear, straightforward instructions.

  • Products packaged discreetly in plain, unmarked packaging.


Package Contents :
-Ovulation Test device ,
-Disposable plastic dropper,
-User manual, the silica gel 

Purpose of Use:

Ovulation test , human luteinizing hormone (LH ) in urine hormone -based single-stage immunochromatographic rapid test for determining qualitatively .
Luteinizing hormone (LH) are always in human urine . LH in women of the month , the best day to get pregnant, shows a significant increase just before the LH surge , and is widely considered to be . This increase in LH , this also triggers ovulation ovum yumurtalıkardan means is released . Eggs , eggs fertilized in only 6 to 24 hours . Therefore, ovulation LH surge is detected by testing for women who want to get pregnant is a very important position . The best test of 11 times in the morning , noon, 3, 5 and 10 in the evening hours. As the early morning hours in the test are expected later in the day does not mean LH values ​​. LH levels to be attained , an earliest time than the other one should be done next .
When the test should be done :
 Testing can be done at any time of the day , but preferably should be done before 8 in the morning and in the evening after 10 hours . If you do the test twice a day for 8 hours between the two tests that will help you to catch a brief rise in LH . Testing should be done at the same times each day repeated . Decelerate to take 2 hours before starting the test liquid . To find the start time of the test , the length of a normal menstrual period should be determined. The length of the menstrual period , the beginning of a period ( the first bleeding time ) and the start time is before another hemorrhage . The first day of bleeding as the first day counted and identified. If you have menstrual irregularities and deviates by more than a few days each month , the average number of days in the last three months should be taken.

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